Airpower  Tours are led by people who understand the history of air power.It has been set up by people who are passionate about the story of air  warfare.  They know about the history of air power and the aviation heritage visible today.

They include ex airmen and historians. Our staff can not only tell the story themselves, but are also familiar with the role of subject matter expert and staff ride facilitator.  They combine knowledge and high standards of presentation skills with the

practical knowledge and expertise in ensuring that the tour operates efficiently and to high standards of customer care.

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We offer two services:-

Battlefield Tours

Tours for the people who would like to visit aviation heritage, and the places where air power has shaped history and hear the stories of the airmen and women did and why.

Staff Ride Support

Subject matter expertise, staff ride planning and logistic services for military
organisations seeking to undertake Staff Rides.


The business is owned by historian and tour guide Frank Baldwin.  He has had an interest in aviation since his youth. He  spent ten years as the historical adviser to an online flight simulator company and attended the Staff Ride Facilitators course at RAF Cranwell.

He has been working as a battlefield guide since 1989. Since then he has taken groups and individuals on over 150 tours covering military history from Caesar to the Cold War. Frank holds Badge No 8 of the Guild of Battlefield Guides.


On the path of the RAF Musuem’s Dornier 17Z

If asked to name some famous aircraft from the Battle of Britain,  most people would think of Sptifires, Hurricanes, Messerschmits, Heinkels and Stukas  The announcement of the plans to raise   Dornier Do 17Z Werke nr. 1160 from the  bottom of the English Channel has thrown the spotlight on a duel between a pair of aircraft.  This …